About Us

Upon visiting our home and meeting our family, many people have inquired, so how did you get started in Mastiffs? When my husband and I were married, he had a “mutt” named Bones who was a Doberman/Lab cross. He was a WONDERFUL companion. I wanted to acquire another dog but wanted a purebred. I asked my husband what kind of dog he would be interested in. His reply was, I don’t care, but get a “real” dog. No little ankle biters. And so it began. A friend had just acquired a mastiff puppy and I thought it would be a great dog to own. Since there were more puppies where she obtained her boy from, we visited and also purchased a puppy on April 9, 1988. That first puppy, named Duchess, was a lovely, sweet girl. Everything you could hope for in the breed. Unfortunately, we were unaware of “good” questions to ask, and neither she nor many of her littermates were long lived. She was the result of a littermate brother/sister unplanned breeding and was with us a mere 4 years. Through the subsequent years, with help of mentors and research, we have developed and continue to fine tune our breeding program. While we feel it is important to breed similar bloodlines to obtain type, we feel you need to know a lot about the dogs in your pedigree to breed responsibly.

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