About the Breed

The English Mastiff has an impressive exterior.  He is a true giant of the canines and often referred to as a “gentle giant.”   He is confident about his strength and power and knows that he commands attention from all that see and meet him.  Although bred early on as a fierce fighter and guard dog, the English Mastiff of today has evolved into more of a guardian than a fighter.  Still their awesome size and power demand respect and requires responsible ownership.  The breed requires extra large of everything.  Food, space, medications and love.   Beneath the breeds impressive exterior is a tender, sensitive being who is serene, quiet and extremely sensible.  Training should be accomplished with firmness and gentleness.  
The Mastiff is a family dog who needs to feel like an “insider” in your home.   They are not independent like other molosser breeds.  A Mastiff prefers to be in the company of his owner and family and often has a particular liking toward children, of whom he is keenly protective.  Owners that do not have their Mastiff living in their company miss most of the joy that comes from sharing life with this majestic, intelligent creature.  When allowed to be part of a families life, you will find a serene, docile wonderful companion.  Not only for the “Mastiffs feelings” but also to elicit all the advantages of what they are bred for, it is important to make your dog feel like an important part of your home.  You cannot expect your Mastiff to defend your home and property if he has not been allowed to become attached to you and it.   They are like potato chips.  Few can stop at just one. 

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